We are a string band playing timeless, foot tapping, traditional old-time music. 

It's music with remarkable power, nuance & timeless appeal, creating a fine & enjoyable atmosphere for all occasions.


What is old-time music?  

Old time music is string-band ensemble music most commonly played with acoustic instruments of fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins and the bass. The foundation for the music varies from African to Irish and Scottish influences. It ranges from old unaccompanied ballads (Fair and Tender Ladies) to fiddle tunes (Turkey in the Straw).  It is traditional, roots music played by people living in the rural south of the United States, but also is played by urban revivalists (New Lost City Ramblers) and people young and old, worldwide, who have fallen in love with it, some of whom have composed their own tunes and songs.

A flexible band of musicians to suit your needs 

Our group has a flexible structure so that we can fit the needs of different venues and performances. We are available as a 5 person band or in smaller groupings (even solo) depending on what is needed for your function.